Lab Info

Name The Nano Photonics Laboratory
Type Service
Supervisor David Gershoni
Coordinator Evgeny Linder
Personnel Evgeny Linder

The Nano Photonics Laboratory
 Established in 2007. Main tool the Nanonics CrioView 2000(TM).
 The laboratory offers services for fundamental and applied research for
 the academy and interested industries.
Basically the laboratory offers Low temperature microscopy with simultaneous near field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Confocal, wavelength selective, imaging. These complementary techniques can be used to analyze sample surfaces and interfaces at various ambient temperatures.  
 * Cryogenic environment with optical access from above and from below the sample.
 * Simultaneous AFM and NSOM at from 10K to 400K.
 * High spatial resolution photoluminescence  measurement.
 * Scanning ranges: 20Ám X 20Ám  by a piezo-scanner. 4mm X 4mm by step motors.
 * 6x10-8 Torr vacuum chamber.


Nanonics CryoView 2000 tm - More Information: Nanonics CryoView 2000 Presentation

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