Lab Info

Name Surface Science Laboratory
Type Service
Supervisor Dr. Reuven Brener
Personnel Catherine Cytermann
Dr. Cecile Saguy

Surface Science Laboratory

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  • Established in 1980.
  • Fundamental and applied research laboratory and Center for analytical services open to graduate students, scientists and industries.
  • Fields of interest: Solid surfaces, sub-surfaces, interfaces and thin films.
  • Capabilities:
      * Surface and sub-surface chemical composition (Auger-SAM, XPS, D-SIMS, ToF-SIMS)
      * Element chemical bonding (XPS)
      * Contamination (Auger-SAM, XPS, D-SIMS, ToF-SIMS)
      * Depth profiling of multilayers with a few nm depth resolution (Auger-SAM, XPS, D-SIMS, ToF-SIMS)
      * Chemical analysis of particles and nano-structures with 12nm lateral resolution (Auger-SAM)
      * Dopants and ion implants depth profiling with ppm-ppb sensitivity (D-SIMS) 
      * Physical and chemical properties of surface with atomic resolution, in UHV, at variable temperatures from 25 to 1500K (STM/AFM)
  • Application fields:
     * Micro- and nano-electronics, optoelectronics.
     * Material science, nano-materials, polymers.
     * Metallurgy.
     * Biomaterials, biotechnology.
     * Catalysis.
     * Tribology.



- D-SIMS -  (Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry): Cameca IMS4f

- Auger-SAM -  (Scanning Auger Microscopy): Thermo VG Scientific Microlab 350

- XPS - (X-rays Photoelectron Spectroscopy): Thermo-VG SIGMA probe

- ToF-SIMS - (Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry):  ION-TOF TOF-SIMS5

- UHV-VT SPM (AFM/STM) - (UHV Variable temperature Scanning probe microscopy): Omicron

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