Lab Info

Name Raman Spectroscopy
Type Service
Supervisor David Gershoni
Coordinator Albert Chack

Raman spectroscopy in the spectral range of 11000 – 32000 cm-1 is performed with a triple spectrometer (DILOR) system equipped by a multichannel CCD detector.
The Raman spectra can be studied in the temperature range of  (4 – 400) K.
Spectral resolution of the system is typically 0.6 cm-1.
A confocal system allows to perform Raman spectroscopy with the spatial resolution of a fraction of micron.
Excitation of Raman spectra can be done at the laser wavelengths 454-700  nm.  

Fields of applications:
Semiconductors, micro and nanostructures, composite materials, glassy and crystalline phases, ceramics, fibers-laminates, pigments and paintings, fluid inclusions, gems, phase transitions, drugs, environmental analysis



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