Lab Info

Name Optical and Mic-Spectroscopy
Type Research
Supervisor Elisha Cohen
Coordinator Evgeny Linder
Personnel Boris Ashkinadze
Elisha Cohen
Evgeny Linder
Tony Yasniger

Our laboratory is equipped to study the spectroscopic properties of
semiconductor quantum structures.
The spectral ranges are the visible and adjacent ranges and the microwave

The main experimental methods that are employed in our laboratory are:
1.Absorption, reflection and photoluminescence spectroscopy.
3.Raman scattering.
4.Modulation spectroscopy, mainly under microwave irradiation.
5.Cyclotron resonance, dimensional magnetoplasma resonance and optically
detected cyclotron resonance.

The laboratory contains several spectrometers, lasers, superconducting
magnets and microwave equipment.


 The current research is mainly on the effects of a dilute two-dimensional
electron gas on excitons and polaritons in quantum wells. Some of the
research projects are:

1.Excitonic polaritons that are formed of neutral and charged polaritons in microcavities with embedded quantum wells.
2.Electron-polariton scattering processes
3.Non-linear microwave absorption and cyclotron resonance in quantum wells containing a dilute two-dimensional electron gas.


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Active collaboration with Dr Loren Pfeiffer of Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ  and with Prof. Bruce McCombe of SUNY in Buffalo, NY.

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B.M. Ashkinadze, E. Linder, E. Cohen, Arza Ron, L. N. Pfeiffer, Free carrier effect on exciton dynamics in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells, Phys. Rev

R. Harel, A. Nazimov, E. Cohen, B.M. Ashkinadze, E. Linder, Arza Ron and L.N. Pfeiffer, Quantum Wells with a Low Density Electron Gas: Interband Reflectivity, Transmission and Free Electron Cyclotron Resonance, Proceedings of the International Conference on Semiconductor Heteroepitaxy

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