Lab Info

Name Ion Implantation
Type Service
Supervisor Rafi Kalish
Coordinator Dr. Vladimir Richter
Personnel Shirly Borukhin
Dr. Boris Fizgeer
Barak Philosoph
Dr. Vladimir Richter
The Ion Implantation laboratory is located at the Solid State Institute. Its facilities serve the researchers and students of the Solid State Institute as well as other users from the Technion, other Israeli Universities and Industries. Since its creation in 1974 by Prof. R. Kalish, it gained a great deal of experience in the implantation of almost any elements from the Mendeleev Table into any material as well as in the post-implantation annealing procedures and electrical measurements.

Ion Implantation - The Ion Implantater with its 3 vacuum chambers enables:

Annealing Facilities - Furnace annealing in vacuum and gas atmosphere up to

Hall effect - Hall effect and resistivity measurement using the van der Pauw configuration for high resistivity samples at temperature ranging from 77K to 900K.

  1. Collaboration with the European Community in the Dodd’s project.
  2. Collaboration with the CNRS Meudon (France) in the frame of an Arc-en-Ciel project on the influence of hydrogen on the properties of n-type diamond.

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R. Kalish, C. Saguy, C. Cytermann, J. Chevallier, Z. Teukam, F. Jomard, T. Kociniewski, D. Ballutaud, Conversion of p-type to n-type diamond by exposure to a deuterium plasma, J. Appl. Phys

J. Chevallier, Z. Teukam, C. Saguy, R. Kalish, C. Cytermann, F. Jomard, M. Barbe, T. Kociniewski, J. E. Butler, C. Baron and A. Deneuville, Shallow donor induced n-type conductivity in deuterated boron-doped diamond, Phys Stat

C. Saguy, Diffusion of light elements in diamond, Defect and Diffusion Forum

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