Personal Info

Name Rafi Kalish
Phone number 04-8293906
Fax number 04-8235107
Research & teaching experience
Current research interests
Ion-implantation and damage annealing of semiconductors: structural and electrical effects.
Ion-Implantation doping of diamond and CVD diamond films.
Electrical characterization of damaged and doped diamond.
Hydrogen in diamond.
Ion-implantation doping and annealing of compound semiconductors.
Various ion beam analysis techniques (RBS, PIXE, nuclear reaction analysis).
SIMS and Auger profiling, SEM, TEM.
Growth of Diamond by CVD (hot filament and microwave).
Growth and post growth  modification of a-C:H  and DLC.
Growth and Electron emission (Field emission., ion-induced emission) from carbons (diamond and nano-tubes.
Research grants & Contracts
Complete CV

Date and place of birth: 13.08.1937  Haifa, Israel.

Major Appointments:

MIT, Cambridge, MA,
  Research associate, 1966-68.
  Assistant Professor, 1968-69.
Technion, Haifa, Israel,
  Senior Lecturer, 1969-71.
  Associate Professor 1971-77.
  Professor, 1978-present.

Awards and Prizes:
  Joan Arbuse Chair in Electronics, 1988-present.
  Ben-Gurion University Applied Science Award, 1990.
  Lyle Fellowship, University of Melbourne, 1993.
  Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Uni of Melbourne,1996.

Graduate Student Supervision: 24 M.Sc., and 18 Ph.D.

Publications: over 250  papers,  8 invited chapters, 3 books.

Visiting (Long-term) Appointments:
  Rutgers University, New Jersey, 1975-76. 
  AT&T Bell Labs, New Jersey, 1975-76.
  IBM Yorktown Heights, 1982-83.
  Dept of Electrical Engineering, UCSB., 1990-91.

Selected Publications
  1. R. Kalish, C. Saguy, C. Cytermann, J. Chevallier, Z. Teukam, F. Jomard, T. Kociniewski, D. Ballutaud, Conversion of p-type to n-type diamond by exposure to a deuterium plasma, J. Appl. Phys
  2. J. Chevallier, Z. Teukam, C. Saguy, R. Kalish, C. Cytermann, F. Jomard, M. Barbe, T. Kociniewski, J. E. Butler, C. Baron and A. Deneuville, Shallow donor induced n-type conductivity in deuterated boron-doped diamond, Phys Stat
  3. R. Kalish, C. Uzan-Saguy, B Philosoph, R. Richter, J. P. Lagrange,E. Gheeraert, A. Deuneville, and A. T. Collins, Nitrogen Doping of diamond by ion implantation,



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