Personal Info

Name David Gershoni
Phone number 04-8293693
Fax number 04-8235107
Research & teaching experience
Current research interests
Experimental solid states physics.
Optical and electronic properties of semiconductor systems of lower dimensionality such as quantum wells,
quantum wires and quantum dots.
Single Photon Sources and Quantum Information Processing.
Experimental tools: mainly short-pulse lasers, low light level spectroscopy and high spatial resolution optics.
Research grants & Contracts
Complete CV
Selected Publications

Current Grant

Israeli Science Foundation: ”Three-dimensional confinement of charge carriers and photons .
in semiconductor microcavities”
2003-2006, $175,000

Past Grant

The US - Israel Binational Science Foundation: ”Spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum
dot molecules and quantum dot crystals”.
2001-2004, $156,000 (US-partner Prof. P. M. Petroff)

The Israeli Ministry of Science: ”Organic Photovoltaic Cells: Preparation and characterization of
novel conjugated polymers for solar to electric energy conversion ”.
2000-2003, 2572550 NIS (in collaboration with Profs E. Ehrenfreund and Dr. Y. Eichen

German Israel Foundation for Scientific Research development (GIF): ”Near field and angle resolved studies of
photonic molecules and 1D photonic crystals based on
microcavities with strong 3D optical confinement
2000-2003, 202,250 EURO(German-partner Prof. A. Forchel)

Israeli Science Foundation: ”Simultaneous Visible and Infra-Red Stimulated Emission
from Semiconductor Quantum Structure Lasers”
1999-2002, $155,000

The US - Israel Binational Science Foundation: ”Spectroscopy of single quantum
dots and quantum dots in ordered arrays”.
1998-2001, $110,000 (US-partners Prof. P. M. Petroff and Dr. A. Zunger)

The Kidron Foundation: ”Optical Properties of III-V Nitrides.”
1996-1999, $100,000 (in collaboration with Profs. Y. Salzman and G.Bahir, DG share $25K)

The Israeli Ministry of Industry and Commerce: ”Characterization of Sub-Micron CMOS Circuits
by Hot Electron Light Emission.”
1997-2000, $180,000

The Israeli Ministry of Science: ”InP Based Devices”.
1995-1998, $1,000,000 (in collaboration with Profs D.Ritter, Y. Salzman, G.Bahir and Dr. M. Orenstein,
DG share $40K each year)

Israeli Science Foundation: ”Spectroscopy of Cleaved Edge Overgrown Semiconductor Quantum Wires”.
1995-1998, $90,000

Israeli Science Foundation: ”Time Resolved Spectroscopy of Strained Quantum Wires”
1992-1995, $90,000


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