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Name Efrat Lifshitz
Phone number 04-8293987
Fax number 04-8235107
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Current research interests
Magneto Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Professor Efrat Lifshitz's research concentrates on the studyof the magneto-optical properties of nano-scaled semiconductor materials. These materials exhibit tunable electronic and optical properties, with variation in the material's dimension and size (called the quantum size effect), and flexible surface properties.
The indicated merits make the nano-scaled materials potentially useful in new and emerging technologies, such as fast lasers, optical switches, light emitting diodes (LED), solar cells, catalysis, and biological sensors. Prof. Lifshitz's research has clear merits with regard to use of: - State-of-the-art materials.
- Fascinating physical-chemistry research techniques, suitable for nano-scaled materials, as
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