Personal Info

Name Barak Philosoph
Phone number 04-8292052
Fax number 04-8235107
Research & teaching experience
Current research interests
Hall effect and resistivity measurement for high resistivity samples at Hall effect and resistivity measurement  for high resistivity samples at temperature ranging from 77K to 900K.
Field Emission measurement.
Research grants & Contracts
Complete CV
Selected Publications
  1. N. Koenigsfeld, B. Philosoph, R. Kalish, Field emission controlled by the substrate/CVD diamond interface, Diamond and Related Materials
  2. F. Fontaine, C. Uzan-Saguy, B. Philosoph, R. Kalish, Boron implantation/in situ annealing procedure for optimal p -type properties of diamond, Applied Physics Letters
  3. R. Kalish, C. Uzan-Saguy, B. Philosoph, V. Richter, S. Prawer, Loss of electrical conductivity in boron-doped diamond due to ion-induced damage, Applied Physics Letters



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