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Name Gad Bahir
Phone number 04-8293598
Fax number 04-8235107
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Current research interests
Group activity:
Unipolar devices based on III-nitrides nanostructures.
Single dots spectroscopy and devices in the III-nitrides material system.
Dilute-nitrides quantum-well-based structures: physics properties and devices for infrared applications.
Research grants & Contracts
Complete CV
Selected Publications

A. Vardi and G. Bahir, F. Guillot, C. Bougerol and E. Monroy, S. E. Schacham,M.Tchernycheva and F. H. Julien, “Near infrared quantum cascade detector in GaN/AlGaN/AlN heterostructures”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 011112 (2008).

Z. Bashir, G. Bahir, C. Saguy, R. Edrei, A. Hoffman,  R. A. Rao, R. Muralidhar, K-M. Chang , “Study of Single Silicon Quantum Dots Band Gap and Single-Electron Charging Energies by   Room Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy”,  Nano Letters, 8(6), 1689-1694 (2008).

A. Albo, D. Fekete, and G. bahir, “Unpolraized intersubband photocurrent in Te doped GaInAsN/GaAlAs quantum well IR photodetector”, Phys. Stat. Sol. (c) 5, 2323-2325 (2008).

J. C. Zhang, B. Meyler, A. Vardi, G. Bahir and J. Salzman, “Stranski-Krastanov growth of GaN quantum dots on AlN template by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy”, Journal of Applied Physics. 104, 044307 (2008).

A. Vardi, N. Kheirodin, L. Nevou, H. Machhadani, L. Vivien, P. Crozat, M.Tchernycheva, R. Colombelli, F. H. Julien, F. Guillot, C. Bougerol, E. Monroy, S. Schacham, G. Bahir “High-speed operation of GaN/AlGaN quantum cascade detectors at λ≈1.55 μm”,  Applied Physics Letters, 93, 193509 (2008).

Asaf Albo, Alon Vardi, Dan Fekete and Gad Bahir, “Polarization independent intersubband based GaInAsNQuantum-well photodetector with dominant detection at 1.42 µm”,  Appl. Phys. Lett. 94. 093503 (2009).

N. Akopian, A. Vardi, G. Bahir, V. Garber, E. Ehrenfreund, D. Gershoni, C. Poblenz, C. R. Elsass, I. P. Smorchkova, J. S. Speck; “Fermi edge singularity observed in GaN/AlGaN heterointerfaces”,  Appl. Phys. Lett. 94. 223502 (2009).

H. Machhadani, P. Kandaswamy, S. Sakr, A. Vardi, A. Wirtmüller, L. Nevou, F. Guillot, G. Pozzovivo, M. Tchernycheva, A. Lupu, L. Vivien, P. Crozat, E. Warde, C. Bougerol, S. Schacham, G. Strasser, G. Bahir, E. Monroy, and F. H. Julien, “GaN/AlGaN intersubband optoelectronic devices”, New Journal of Physics 11, 125023 (2009).

A. Vardi, G. Bahir,  S. E. Schacham, P. K. Kandaswamy, and E. Monroy, "Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Bound-to-Bound Intraband Transitions in GaN/AlN Quantum Dots", Physical Review B 80, 155439 (2009).

Asaf Albo, Catherine Cytermann, Gad Bahir, and Dan Fekete,"Strain-induced nitrogen incorporation in atomic layer epitaxy growth of InAsN/GaAs quantum wells using metal organic chemical vapor deposition", Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 051102 (2009).

Asaf Albo, Catherine Cytermann, Gad Bahir, and Dan Fekete "Utilizing interface adsorption of nitrogen for the growth of GaInAsN by metal organic chemical vapor deposition for NIR applications",  Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 141102 (2010).

Asaf Albo, Gad Bahir, and Dan Fekete, J. "Improved hole confinement in GaInAsN-GaAsSbN thin double-layer quantum-well structure for telecom-wavelength lasers", J. Appl. Phys, 108, 093116 (2010).

A. Vardi, G. Bahir, S. E. Schacham, P. K. Kandaswamy and E. Monroy, "Negative Photoconductivity due to Intraband Transitions in GaNAlN QDs", Journal of Applied Physics, 108, 104512 (2010).

M. Tchernycheva, L. Nevou, L. Vivien, F. H. Julien, P. K. Kandaswamy, E. Monroy,  A. Vardi, G. Bahir, " Intersubband optics in GaN-based nanostructures - physics and applications", Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics, 247, 1622 (2010).




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