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Professor Emil Zolotoyabko

Prof. Zolotoyabko immigrated from the USSR and joined the Department of Materials Engineering at the Technion in 1990 as a senior research associate. In the USSR he worked as a senior scientist at the Nuclear Reactor of the Physics Institute of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, developing new diffraction techniques. In 1986 he published a book "Coherent Rayleigh scattering of Mossbauer radiation". In 1991 E. Zolotoyabko began to teach at the Technion and in 1993 was appointed Faculty member. His scientific activity is focused on the X-ray diffraction studies of various crystalline systems, coherent interaction of X-rays with phonons, and development of diffraction techniques for synchrotron beam lines. In 1992-1998 he carried out research for short periods at the synchrotron facilities DESY (Hamburg, Germany), ESRF (Grenoble, France) and LNLS (Campinas, Brazil). In 1999-2000 he spent a sabbatical year at Northwestern University, carring out synchrotron experiments at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) of Argonne National Laboratory. Prof. Zolotoyabko is a member of the Materials Research Society.
Education M.Sc. 1973 (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
Ph.D. 1979 (Physics Institute of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga)
Phone number: 04-8294545
Fax number: 04-8295677
E-mail zloto@tx.technion.ac.il
Homepage: www.technion.ac.il/technion/materials/zolotoyabko.html  
Office location: Materials Engineering Building
Labs: Rapid Termal MOCVD;   

Field of activity:  atomic structure, nano-structure, and physical properties of the man-made and natural ceramic materials

The group of Professor Emil  Zolotoyabko
Dr. E. Lakin Lab Engineer

Dr. O. Kreinin Lab Engineer

Y. Ashuach PhD student

R. Rechter MSc student

S. Younis MSc student

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