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Doctor Oren Cohen

Phone number: 04-8295937
Fax number: 04-825107
E-mail oren@technion.ac.il
Homepage: www.technion.ac.il/~oren/  
Office location: 108

head of the group Oren Cohen
 post-docs Maksim Kozlov
 Lab engineer Tony Yasniger

PhD students
    Pavel Sidorenko
    Eli Mairom

MSc students
   Ofer Kfir
   Tsachi Batkilin
   Oren Lahav

Long-term visiting scientist Dr. Avner Fleischer

The group of Oren Cohen investigates, theoretically and experimentally, various phenomena in high-field physics and ultrafast optics. Our current research goals include: efficient and compact generation of laser-like radiation in extreme ultraviolet spectral region through the process of high harmonic generation, creation and investigation of spatiotemporal optical solitons (light bullets), induction of optical channels in the atmosphere, creation and investigations of self-trapped leaky waves (soleakons), and development of novel techniques for diagnostics of short laser pulses.

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