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Professor Emeritus Rafi Kalish

MIT, Cambridge, MA,
  Research associate, 1966-68.
  Assistant Professor, 1968-69.
Technion, Haifa, Israel,
  Senior Lecturer, 1969-71.
  Associate Professor 1971-77.
  Professor, 1978-present.

Awards and Prizes:
  Joan Arbuse Chair in Electronics, 1988-present.
  Ben-Gurion University Applied Science Award, 1990.
  Lyle Fellowship, University of Melbourne, 1993.
  Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Uni of Melbourne,1996.

Graduate Student Supervision: 24 M.Sc., and 18 Ph.D.

Publications: over 250  papers,  8 invited chapters, 3 books.


Education M.Sc. (with distinction), Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1962
Ph.D. Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, 1966.
Phone number: 04-8293906
Fax number: 04-8235107
E-mail kalish@sspower.technion.ac.il
Homepage: physics.technion.ac.il/wisw/page.msql?&userid=kalish  
Office location: 118
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