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Professor Moshe Eizenberg

Education B.Sc. 1969 (Physics, Technion)
D.Sc. 1977 (Physics, Technion)
Phone number: 04-8294585
Fax number: 04-8294585
E-mail eizen@tx.technion.ac.il
Homepage: www.technion.ac.il/technion/materials/eizenberg.html  
Office location: 611
Announcements: Lab engineer Yechiel Mozes
PhD students Yonatan Rothschild, Lior Kornblum
MSc students Sivan Fadida, Pini Shekhter, Igor Krylov (with Prof. Dan Ritter).
The group of Prof. Eizenberg is currently studying metal/high-k interfaces for future memory and high-performance devices. Various materials, such as Al2O3, HfO2 and lanthanide oxides (e.g. Gd2O3) are currently studied as gate dielectrics, and the interface between these oxides and various metals is studied. The research aims at understanding the correlation between material properties (e.g. interface composition, structure and binding) and electrical properties of metal/high-k stacks. In particular, we are interested in understanding the effect of various properties on the effective workfunction at the interface.
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