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Professor Emeritus Eitan Ehrenfreund

Professor Eitan Ehrenfreund was born in Israel in 1938. Received his B.Sc. (Mathematics-Physics),Received his B.Sc. (Mathematics-Physics), M.Sc. (Physics) and Ph.D. (Physics in 1970) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After post-doc periods at Bell laboratories (NJ, USA) and University of Pennsylvania (PA, USA) he joined the Technion in 1972. Since 1991, holding the Dr. Harold L. Harris Chair in Physics.  Served as the Head of the Technion Solid State Institute (1994-1997), and the Chairman of the Physics Department (1998-2001). Since 1/2005, Chairman of the Physics Department (second term).

Prof. Eitan Ehrenfreund is married to Hasia. They have a son and two daughters and seven grandchildren.



M.Sc. degree: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1965. Thesis title: Internal Vibronics in Terbium Compounds. Advisor: Prof. Shaul Yatsiv.
Ph.D. degree:  Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1970. Thesis title: Fluxoid Echoes in Type II Superconductors. Advisor: Prof. Meir Weger.

Phone number: 04-8293610
Fax number: 04-8235107
E-mail eitane@tx.technion.ac.il
Homepage: physics.technion.ac.il/~eitane/  
Office location: 104
Labs: Photomodulation and Infrared Spectroscop;   
Announcements: The group of Professor Eitan Ehrenfreund is studying magnetic field effects in organic materials and organic opto-eletronic devices, and the dynamics of photoexcitations in -conjugated organics and in heavy-element-containing -conjugated organics.
Current Graduate students:
Ph.D. Student: Ayeleth Dvir-Wolfman
M.Sc. student: Bagrat Khachtryan  
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